Palliser Report - APPEA Brisbane 2013

Palliser Report - APPEA Brisbane 2013: Transforming our energy future into Gas through LNG - Will the global markets deliver

a long competitive benefit to Australia? Is the community with the industry and its developments?

Introduction and Summary: The Palliser Report is a compilation of the discussions and views expressed at this year's APPEA Conference in Brisbane and the observations of the Palliser Group.The APPEA Conference had vitality and enthusiasm reflecting industry confidence in the growth of the mega gas projects as there were circa 3600 delegates from 850 companies represented by 30 countries. It provided a venue for networking with industry leaders, but Government leaders from both Federal and State levels had limited interaction outside their presentations; disappointing as this venue provides all stakeholders an opportunity to promote industry development and safety.

The Palliser Group recently attended the IX CINMIPETROL 2013 Conference in Cartagena, Colombia ( for the mineral and energy sectors where the Government, including the President and his team of Cabinet Ministers, and Industry leaders in Mining and Petroleum actively participated in the Conference events over 2 days. It was a forum for all stakeholders to network on common interests in the Colombian resource sector. With very positive results.
This year's APPEA Conference confirmed the drift to the large industry participants with the Exhibition area dominated by the large multinationals, Australian energy companies and global firms from the engineering & services sectors. This demonstrated industry capability and technology, but at the expense of the small explorers and developers which are essential for the long term exploitation of resources.
The Palliser Report APPEA in April 2011 ( challenged the industry thinking by asking "Has the industry got a social licence to operate?"
The evidence is not clear whether or not the industry fully understands the need to really engage in community dialogue, but the conference presenters made frequent references to further community collaboration which points to rapidly changing attitudes of its importance. The development environment in Queensland is very positive with active State Government support and community dialogue by industry, but in NSW there is wide spread distrust that the State Government processes will promote and adequately represent community interests. It will be a long time in NSW before there is reasonable debate and community confidence in both government and industry processes and representations.