Energy Services

At the Palliser Group, we use our expert and innovative commercial and technical knowledge of upstream oil and gas exploitation and downstream commercialisation options, to deliver high-end consultancy services to grow shareholder value and returns.

From asset and project evaluations (cashflow, risk and financial) through to due diligence on commercial negotiations, joint venture management, and the commercialisation of development options for energy infrastructure, we provide strategic consultancy advice during moments when a company has a resource constraint.

With its key alliance of Petroleum Resolution Envoys (, Palliser Group can provide early resolution of commercial disputes in a JV before they create a legacy of “hard feelings”. They can give independent advice to senior manages and company boards and an  independent assessment of how to resolve ongoing or non-core disputes before they become a drain on the resources of the business- financial and executive time.

Our core services to the Energy Industry include:

  • Independent Evaluations of Upstream Oil and Gas Projects (cashflow, risk, and financial assessments).
  • Integrated Commercial Assessments (infrastructure agreements and development and investment programs).
  • Strategic Assessments (corporate direction & values, business development and commercial arrangements).
  • Downstream Option Evaluations (value-adding options for gas & liquids commodity markets).

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“…Geoff was brought in to assist me managing the “topside” or senior level approval process for a small yet relatively complex start up project (downstream LNG sales)… He put the right systems in place …
His advice was always frank, to the point and pertinent to the situation and we really should have brought him in earlier.
He is a very strategic thinker and at the same time provides a great mentoring support role.
The advice we received was spot on and he quickly recognised the time for swift action and how commercial competitor and stakeholders alike would react .… people ought to listen to what he has to say.“
Simon Mewing,
former AGR Executive