Working with your business

As a peak-capacity resource, Palliser Corporate Services are an ideal solution for companies that need to enhance their industry compliance and appropriate corporate governance.
To help your company deal with essential non-core administrative issues we can tailor a corporate governance package that will seamlessly:
•    Development of a Board Compliance program around key regulatory requirements and compliance dates
•    Increase efficiencies through timely and accurate compliance with ASIC and ASX regulations
•    Provide a flexible secretarial practices and board management company resourcebased on current “critical” items and industry trends
•    Enhance the financial management and reporting of the business
•    Enhance stakeholder satisfaction with persuasive communication skills, strategic understanding and timing of the issues that keeps everyone informed and on the “same-page”
•    Enable you to focus on core business activities while we take care of the administration requirements

On Core Business:-
“Palliser did an excellent job in quickly understanding the critical business issues we faced - managing the cash flow, providing options to solve critical business problems, understanding the culture and providing structure and process to the group, as we prepared for a change to a public entity.”
On financial management:-
““We engaged Geoff Widmer of Palliser Strategic Management to divest Destra of its gold and nickel mineral assets. Together with his partner in Perth, they are being very successful in realising shareholder value for our remaining mineral assets. I am very pleased with the manner they went about securing the mineral sales in a very difficult commodity market and I relied on their commercial judgment, negotiations and contacts to secure the deals”.
On the core business issues,
“Palliser did an excellent job in quickly working with our team members and understanding the critical business issues we faced”.

Domenic Carosa,
Former CEO Destra Corporation.

“…Thank you again for your contribution to Dynamic Hearing. You have not only provided the contracted support on financial advice and Company Secretary activities, but you have also provided mentoring and support for me at a critical time when the company had no independent chairman. We have gained maturity in governance during your time with us....”
Elaine Saunders, former CEO, Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd

“…Palliser joined the company as CFO and company secretary at a difficult time, and provided strong, strategic financial support and advice... We have gained maturity in governance during your time with us.”
Director. Venture Capital Board