Corporate and Commercial Services

Palliser Corporate and Commercial Service provides strategic input to corporate governance, board management, company secretarial and commercial services for small to medium enterprises (SME’s) across Australia. It also offers a flexible and transitional representation service to overseas companies that want to establish operations in Australia based on a low “cost footprint” with a comprehensive “back-office” solution and access to a quality commercial services that provide value and managed risk to its shareholders. 

Palliser offers a comprehensive suite of high level Corporate and Commercial Services that includes a comprehensive ‘back-office’ solution; we help companies manage non-core commercial issues, without the need for a permanent and costly full time resource. It is an ideal value-adding option to free up the time and resources of staff members to focus on the core business activities. The ‘back-office’ solution extends to financial management, banking, payroll, insurance, corporate compliance and liaison with taxation and audit functions. As the business grows and prospers the service needs change and so does Palliser’s involvement; flexible and transitional.

From taking the lead and overseeing issues such as regulatory compliance and working capital management, to simply functioning as an extra ‘pair of ears’ in commercial negotiations and evaluations, we have the technical and professional skills to bring your business to optimal working capacity.

Our Company Secretariat Services are at the leading edge of compliance and include: 

  • Board Management (secretarial and board management duties, including induction, policy development, board performance, audit, and risk).
  • Corporate Governance (guidance on the best governance practice achievable for the SME to improve regulatory compliance and stakeholder requirements).
  • General Meetings (organization, operation, and regulatory reporting, liaison with legal and accounting professionals)
  • Knowledge Management (including shareholder details, share registry, Director’s and Officer’s records and document retention)
  • Regulatory Compliance (risk management and financial reporting with ASIC &ASX)
  • Regulatory Issues (OH&S and intellectual property)
  • Shareholder Communication (shareholder statements and investor news)
  • Insurance and Superannuation administration.

Palliser Group has 2 Key Business Alliances in Petroleum Resolution Envoys (“PRE”) ( that provides a niche service to the energy sector for early commercial dispute resolution and exit strategies for non-core legacy assets.

In addition, in the entity Governance and Secretarial Professionals (“GASP”) (  that provides experienced governance and secretarial services on a 24/7 basis to clients to meet their regulatory requirements especially for continuous disclosure needs.

The Palliser difference:
The objective is get the overseas company operating in a timely manner with a “Back Office” that provides a commercial service platform with a cost structure and value entry point that matches the client’s resources at the commencement of operations. 

The service provides logistics during the critical early stages of the business “start-up”. As well, the service provides ongoing support and direction as the business builds momentum. The arrangements are transitional and flexible to adjust to the changing client’s needs.

Effective communication is critical between the client and Palliser Group to ensure the alignment of shareholder objectives with the demands of the market. There is no room for delays accruing from poor communication!
For Hispanic based companies, access to a director with Spanish language are a plus for the operations.

“…Thank you again for your contribution to Dynamic Hearing. You have not only provided the contracted support on financial advice and Company Secretary activities, but you have also provided mentoring and support for me at a critical time when the company had no independent chairman. We have gained maturity in governance during your time with us... and you provided enormous assistance in helping us find a full time staff member to fill the finance role.”
Elaine Saunders, former CEO, Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd

“…Palliser joined the company as CFO and company secretary at a difficult time, and provided strong, strategic financial support and advice... We have gained maturity in governance during your time with us.”
Director.. Venture Capital Board