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El Consul Honorario de Colombia
Extract of letter from the President of Melbourne Rotary July 2014
“May I express our gratitude of all Rotarians… on your most interesting and informative presentation on Colombia.
…Your enthusiasm and hope for the country was captured and the members enjoyed the historical, geographical and aesthetic reflections.
 …..thank-you for your excellent presentation.”

Technology Sector
“Dear Geoff, thank you again for your contribution to Dynamic Hearing. You have not only provided the contracted support on financial advice and Company Secretary activities, but you have also provided mentoring and support for me at a time when the company had no independent chairman. We have gained maturity in governance during your time with us...
Elaine Saunders, former CEO, Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd

Energy Service Sector
“On a previous project, Geoff was brought in to assist me managing the “topside” or senior level approval process for a small yet relatively complex start up project. He brought some much needed experience and structure to our internal processes which covered a number of continents across a few cultures. We had some issues managing the communications process and outcomes with the board most of whom were located in another country. He put the right systems in place and to this day if you look at what was communicated it was perfectly clear to all and sundry what the issues were.
His advice was always frank, to the point and pertinent to the situation and we really should have brought him in earlier. He is a very strategic thinker and at the same time provides a great mentoring support role.

The advice we received was spot on and he quickly recognised the time for swift action and how commercial competitor and stakeholders alike would react. Geoff has the experience and track record in business and people ought to listen to what he has to say.
Many small and large businesses could get real value from Geoff’s advice and I would recommend him to anyone seeking help.”
Simon Mewing, former AGR Executive


Energy Sector
"…When I was contemplating starting my successful energy services business to Australia; I was introduced to Geoff Widmer and the Palliser Group from my legal contacts…. It is a risk starting with some-one you don’t know and how you will work with them. However, right from the start I development a tight professional working relationship with Geoff and his team that gave me confidence to build the business with his services and advice…
I have trusted and valued his commercial judgment as we structured the business and commenced operations. …. impressed with the array of business contacts in his network to access services … it gave us credibility and access to clients and therefore cashflow more rapidly… he quickly understood the technology which made it much easier to represent the company to the market…

The Back Office solution for financial management, working capital management, payroll, compliance, insurance, banking and superannuation has worked seamlessly and has given me a focus on the cashflow needs of the business—it is critical to know that there matters are being handled professionally. This service has provided a quality low cost solution as we focus on resources in growing the business…
Geoff has been a passionate and committed to our business who gives me fearless advice which is important as the business grows and prospers …."
Extract of Letter from European Client


“Dear Geoff, On behalf of the Board …..I would like to thank you for your hard work and commitment as Company Secretary, and also as CFO and Financial advisor. You joined the company at a difficult time, and provided strong, strategic financial support and advice. Thank you for bringing value to improved board processes and governance ……
 Director, Venture Capital Board


Resources Sector
“We engaged Geoff Widmer of Palliser Strategic Management to divest Destra of its gold and nickel mineral assets. Together with his partner in Perth, they are being very successful in realising shareholder value for our remaining mineral assets. I am very pleased with the manner they went about securing the mineral sales in a very difficult commodity market and I relied on their commercial judgment, negotiations and contacts to secure the deals”.
On the core business issues, he said
“Palliser did an excellent job in quickly working with our team members and understanding the critical business issues we faced”.
Domenic Carosa, former CEO Destra Corporation



Energy Sector
“Dear Geoff, It is exactly what (the Evaluation Report) I was looking for and you have done a great report, thank-you”
Andrew Dodman, former Executive Director, Anzoil NL


Technology Sector
“Within a very short time, Palliser ... demonstrated significant industry knowledge and provided a very professional and detailed analysis and model of the business, its core strengths and weaknesses, business risks, potential competitive threats and financial position and actions need to increase profitability. - It is the basis of our subsequent strategy assessment of this asset. Palliser’s Principal Geoff Widmer completed an excellent job, on time on budget, and I have no hesitation in recommending him for similar strategic and management reviews”.
Ian Goddard, Managing Director at Yarris Pty Ltd



Technology Sector
“This is the most complex transaction I have been involved with and I have no doubt that without your timely intervention on a number of occasions that the deal would have fallen over.”
Director Corporate Advisory


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