Origins of Palliser

From time to time I am asked about the origin of the Palliser name. The Palliser is a pristine river flowing along the edge of the Banff National Park in Alberta and the Rockies Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada.

The Palliser river begins its majestic journey at the base of the Palliser Pass which borders the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. It’s a haven for outdoor activities including skiing, walking, fishing, canoeing and horse riding. It sits at a height of 2300 meters above sea level, and is one of the world’s most pristine sources of beauty and tranquillity in the Canadian Rockies. It’s the ideal place to test yourskills and challenge your commitments but also tolisten, observe and engage with the changing environment.

When I needed to find a company name that reflected the spirit I enjoy in my working environment, I thought of the Palliser river and its environs. It’s a challenging and rewarding space that allows for participation, humour and life balance.

The Palliser river is a place where you are given new opportunities to test your skills. It’s a place of imagination, replenished energies, reflection and inspiration. Visit it and you will understand the origins and values of my company.

Geoffrey Widmer
The Palliser Group.

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